Jeans for Genes Day

Last Friday was Jeans for Genes day, a chance to wear your jeans to work to raise money for genetic research.  Our office decided to participate in this and cakes etc were promised.

As I have been seeing some creative use of denim/ old jeans on the various internet sites that I peruse, I set myself a challenge – what could I make out of a pair of jeans that could then be sold to raise money?  This would not only be a fundraiser but would be an opportunity to show my work colleagues all that I can do.  Some more online research thanks to Pinterest and Google ensued, a pair of jeans was purchased for £2 from the Air Ambulance charity shop and I set to with the scissors and sewing machine.

In all I was able to make:

  • 1 padded pinboard
  • 3 drinks coasters
  • 1 journal
  • 2 girls handbags
  • 11 Christmas tree Christmas tree decorations
  • 10 Star shaped Christmas tree decorations
  • 6 flower corsages

I was very impressed with how everything turned out and so to were my colleagues.  In the end I was unable to be in work on the day, but when I went in today I was pleasantly surprised to see how much had been ‘sold’.  To date over £150 has been raised, which is excellent as we are a reasonably small office.

I will put up more under projects and link to the different sites that gave me  the inspiration.  The picture above shows some of the produce.


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