Pin Boards

When we moved to this house last year it was obvious that the family who we brought it from loved notice boards.  There was one fixed to the chimney breast in the kitchen, another in the third bedroom (which had been the room in which the wife sewed) and in the son’s bedroom there was a monster 6 foot long one attached to the wall.

Well it didn’t take long for the rather drab one in the kitchen to be transformed with a bit of wadding, some fabric, ribbon and a staple gun into this.

Soon after we had completed the work in the study and had found some curtains in Trago (a local ‘ends of ranges’ discount store) that went really well.  However one of the windows is much smaller than the other, so I had shortened a pair to fit.  I was then able to use the material I had removed to cover the notice board that had been in the third bedroom, which now looks like this. You can see the matching curtains just above it.

However I must point out that both those photographs were taken soon after the boards had been completed.  They are now covered in notices so you can barely see the background!

The mega notice board has been chopped into smaller pieces and I have covered a few in an attempt to sell them.  What do you think?


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