Yesterday I seemed to spend most of the day baking.  It was Matthew’s birthday and despite seeming to spend the whole weekend celebrating and already having a lot of food in the house (leftovers from a dinnerparty on Saturday and youth group on Sunday) I decided to bake him a cake.

Two years ago, at his request, I attempted to make a John Deere birthday cake.  Alas it didn’t go completely to plan and the icing really didn’t want to stay on.  So this year I decided to surprise him with the John Deere cake take II.  I am a lot happier with the results and I think he was too, though by putting his age on the cake makes it harder for him to tell everyone that he is 24.

In addition I finally got around to baking the Christmas cake.  I put the fruit to soak in the brandy last Wednesday when I intended to bake it on Friday.  However life got in the way and what with a busy weekend yesterday was the first opportunity.  All looks (and smells) well and now to soak it in even more brandy before I ice it nearer Christmas.  There is also a mini cake which we usually end up giving away to a worthy soul.


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