Works in Progress

Today I have the morning at home as I will be working this evening.  I have given myself a list of chores!

  • Portion up and freeze the chicken stock that I made last night
  • Make a curry with left over chicken
  • Sew up some heart shaped Christmas decorations
  • Do some more work on this blog.

It’s not too long or onerous a list, but so far (10.20am) I’ve got as far as doing some work on this blog!

This state of affairs sort of reflects where I am with various projects.  I am trying to make some bits to sell at the Church Christmas Bazaar which is being held unseasonably early on the 17th November.  At the same time trying to make enough to have some left for the village Christmas Fayre which is being held a week later.

I have decided to go for the small and cheap end of the market so am making various Christmas decorations, but have several on the go at the same time.  I also spend too much time on Pinterest and keep seeing new things that I would like to try, so give them a go too.  So the other day I saw some cute crochet snowmen and rather than getting on with the sewing in hand, immediately picked up the crochet hook and started on one!

As we are intending to go away for a few days I need to get a few projects moved on to the stage where I can take them with me and ‘finish’ them by stuffing, sewing up the ends, embroidering faces etc.  So really you should be telling me to get off the computer and get on with my above list!  I hope to post some pictures of the finished works soon…


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