Work in Progress Update

Things have been a bit quiet on here recently mainly as I have been away visiting my new neice who is now the proud owner of the Giraffe Jacket.  Although she will have to grow a bit first, she is now a month old and very cute.  As mentioned in the last post I took some bits away with me to work on as the Christmas season is fast approaching.

Below are some heart shaped Christmas Tree decorations.  The fabric was some that I’ve had for a while, it is very Christmassy with the red, green and gold, although the two fabrics both proved interesting to work with!  One became quite stretchy and the other wanted to fray.  However I now have loads of these to sell and the jingle bell just adds that finishing Christmas touch!  What do you think?


I have also been working on the crocheted snowmen and now have half a dozen and just need to finish off the faces and ‘twig’ arms.

In the meantime my husband has also been busy on my behalf and set me up with a twitter account and a facebook page, so when I finish this page I should be able to tweet it and post it on facebook, this is becoming a very interactive blog.


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