Baking, but not food!

On Tuesday I spent a day in the kitchen but did not produce anything edible.

Having seen these rather lovely looking decorations on Pinterest I thought I’d give it a go.  For some reason I decided to double the mixture and ended up with loads. Initially my stamping was a bit ropey but it got better towards the end.  Some of these will be Christmas decorations, stamped with Joy, Peace, Love etc and others will be name tags for Christmas gifts – fortunately I’d more or less got the stamping sorted by the time I started on names.  The next task is to sand them down a bit and then spray them gold and hang with a ribbon.

I also had a play making some practice decorations for cupcakes.  As the only sugar paste I had in the house was that that was left over from the John Deere tractor cake, my colour range was limited – green, black, white.  The sugar paste was a little dry so was not as malleable as I would have liked, but with my limited array of cutters I am quite proud of these.  They are for a potential project that if it comes off could be very exciting.

So there you have it, a productive day in the kitchen but no food was produced!


3 thoughts on “Baking, but not food!

    • Thanks.
      This is the link to the recipe
      Looking at the ones that have cracked it would appear that I did not knead the dough enough at the start – I was probably too keen to get started on the cutting out.
      Oh, and I wouldn’t make the double quantity – or at least not to start with!

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