Today I finally got around to finishing off the decorations I started the other week.  I must have been very organised when putting away the Christmas decorations last year.  I knew we had some cans of gold spray so I sent my husband to the loft to search through the Christmas box.  He found a bag at the top of the box that had the tins of spray, an advent stocking string and the advent candle holder.  It is all the stuff  that every year I wish I had to hand as I seem to need it long before we get the box of decorations down. Usually I end up buying more  as I can’t be bothered to go and hunt it out of the box.

Anyway I digress, I have now sprayed the decorations gold and added a loop of ribbon so that they can hang from the tree.  Some of the decorations did not come out as well as I hoped and a few had cracked on drying, but there are still plenty.  I think they look very good and I hope others do too as I will try and sell these in a week’s time at the village Christmas Fayre.  Some of the not too bad rejects I have also sprayed and ribboned and will sell them for a cheaper price.

I also stamped some with names on and these will be used as gift tags on presents.

All in all I am really pleased with how these have turned out.


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