Pick A Stick

I have been busy preparing for the Village Christmas Fair this week.  Lots of things to finish off and present well.  Fortunately I have been able to take an extra day off work as I worked a Saturday at the beginning of the month.

Last week was the Church Christmas Fair, traditionally held the week before the Village one.  I have to admit it was slightly bizarre seeing people wander around the hall wearing Santa hats and having Christmas Carols playing in the middle of November.  There was even a Father Christmas trying to bring people in from the street and then giving out sweets and toys.  However over £1000 was raised for church funds, which is quite an achievement.  One of the biggest draws is always the bottle tombola where you could win a small bottle of pop or a very expensive bottle of whiskey – we won neither.  Though we did get a bottle of cider, a bottle of wine and a bottle of tonic water!

My contribution was this game of Pick A Stick.  For 20p a go (or 50p for 3) you could pick a stick from the box.  Some of them had colours on the bottom which correlated to a cash prize.  There was one stick worth £5, 3 worth £1, 6 worth 50p and 10 worth 20p.  It is a bit of a fundraising winner.  The only people who take their money are those that win either the £1 or £5, the rest will ‘reinvest’ in the game!!  On Saturday only one person picked a £1 and no one found the £5.  I will probably mark up more 20ps though, there were some disappointed children who didn’t win anything.

So if you are after a fundraiser all you need is 250 sticks, a box and some sand.  What’s your favourite fundraiser?


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