Christmas Fair

Well yesterday was the Probus Village Christmas Fair.  I arrived in good time, bagged a good table and began to set up – it is surprising how long it can take to set up, but the picture below is my table just before the start.  I think I need to get some more height onto the stall in some way.

As forecast, the weather put a bit of a dampner on things.  At times the rain was torrential and unfortunately it would appear that it put some people off coming.  After all why go out if you don’t need to.  Having said that though, there was a steady stream of people and I had some good chats with other stall holders – they were a mix of local charities and others, like me, who were selling their own stuff – including a chap from the village who does wood turning and makes pens – some from wood, some from resin.  He was showing us some made from pasta shells in resin and coffee beans in resin!

Anyway, the steady stream of people were very generous and it was my best sale to date.  There was a lot more white tablecloth showing by the end!  My painted doorstops proved popular this time, one was even purchased for use in the village hall!  So feeling inspired it’s ‘onwards and upwards’ and now I need to start thinking about what I can make in the way of Easter goodies!

On another note there has been some terrible weather in Cornwall yesterday and overnight and more is predicted to come.  We are very fortunate that we don’t seem to be in an area at risk, even though the spring across the way is ‘springing’ across the road.  Do spare a thought for the many that have been flooded out of their homes – it seems to be happening more and more frequently these days.


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