Emergency Father Christmas Outfitters

Having posted that I was working on Christmas Presents for family and friends, I was then thrown into the middle of a Father Christmas outfit emergency.

My husband has landed himself a seasonal part-time job as Father Christmas in the shopping centre at nearby St Austell.  He is doing this in conjunction with someone else from the village, but was roped in at rather short notice with less than a week until the opening night.  The organisers had purchased some Father Christmas outfits on-line but as my beloved is of the high and mighty build (he’s 6ft 4) the outfit was a bit small and sitting down would have been interesting.  They offered to get a new outfit but it would not arrive in time and a search in the fancy dress shop in Truro proved fruitless.

Fortuitously I had been emailed a 25% off voucher from HobbyCraft and was intending to visit it to make some purchases.  So Thursday afternoon saw me buying some red velour fabric.  We could not find a fur trim but made do with some quilting blanket.  Then I began to cut out and sew.  I based the top on one of his jumpers and the bottom on a pair of pj bottoms.  The fabric was a bit of a stinker to sew but nevertheless in just under 24 hours I managed to create a rather pleasing outfit.


On Friday night Father Christmas was installed in the ‘Ice Palace’ with his elves during the Christmas light switch on festivities and late night shopping.  In all over 150 children came through and there probably would have been a few more as the decision was made to stop letting people join the queue after 8pm.  As he left the Ice Palace at the end of the evening he got mobbed by half a dozen teenage girls who all wanted their photo taken with ‘Father Christmas’ – that certainly did his ego some good!

Now I need to get on with the Christmas presents but in the meantime I’m rather proud of the outfit.  Let me know what you think.


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