Santa’s Grotto

Following on from the emergency Father Christmas Outfitters post, I thought you might like to see some pictures of my lovely husband in his place of work.   The Winter Ice Palace – to give it its official name, is located in the centre of St Austell. Basically it is a marquee which has been decorated with lots of lights and Christmassy accessories.

Once you have handed over your money to the Elves on the door you wend your way through the  Ice Palace.


There seems to be a little confusion as to whether this is the south or north pole as  both penguins and polar bears co-exist quite happily with the reindeer (!).  But I do think the reindeer are rather cute.


Then you get to the door of Father Christmas’ house.  You can just see an Elf through the curtain of lights.


When it is your turn you enter to find the big man himself waiting to speak to you.  All very exciting for young children, though more than one has been rather scared by the whole scenario and refused to engage with FC…


You can see the buckets of presents awaiting distribution, though the photograph doesn’t show that there are more Christmas Trees in the grotto, instead you get a bit of plastic sheeting and an electric cable.  It is, apparantly, more magical once the sun has set, but as you can see my visit was in the daytime!

Father Christmas tells me it can be rather cold so he is most grateful for his lovely suit and yes I did kiss him!


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