Party Time!!!!

For the last few years Matthew and I have hosted a party on the Saturday before Christmas.  A casual ‘drop in when you can’ kind of party.  Each year it seems to have got bigger.  Last year we moved and invited several from the village we now live in, but over this last year we have met more people, so the guest list for this year’s party was rather extensive.

Using past parties and the internet we came up with a menu of nibbles for people and served our favourite winter drink – Winter Pimms which if you haven’t come across yet let me tell you, you are definitely missing out.  It is the No3 cup from Pimms, brandy based, diluted with apple juice and served warm, a delicious change from mulled wine.  There was a minor crisis when we discoverd our usual stockist (ASDA St Austell) wasn’t stocking it this year.  An emergency dash to Saltash and the Waitrose there produced the goods, so the party was on.

More of a worry this year was been the number of families we invited.  As we don’t have children, I wanted to make them feel welcome and provide things for them to do, so we  made up some party bags inside which were some crayons (melted into Christmas shapes), some sweets that tell part of the Christmas story, a candy cane, a decoration and a cupcake.  During their time with us the children were  able to decorate the cupcake as a Christmas tree or Rudolf.  (There were some spare cakes at the end of the evening so I decorated them myself and took them to another party that we were invited to)


There was also  colouring and toys available in the  hope that this would make them feel welcome as well as keep them occupied.  Here is a link to my Pinterest board where I got a lot of the ideas from.  Below are pictures of the bags waiting   to be filled.



We spent a lot of time in the week up to the party working on the food and party bags as well as trying to decorate the house (it took us five days to decorate the tree – we bought it on Friday, put it up on Sunday and finally decorated it on Tuesday…) and were just about ready to welcome our guests at 3 o’clock – when the first guests arrived!

It was a great afternoon and evening with lots of chat and lots of food.  The lamb meatballs and mini toad in the holes were incredibly popular as were the mini cheesecakes but to be honest most of what we put out was consumed.  Here is the link to my food board on pinterest where you can see other ideas that we tried.

Fortunately our guests did take note of our 11pm finish time and kindly left us in peace to tidy up.  We like to tidy up on the night, makes getting up the following morning so much easier!  The thank you’s that we have recieved indicate that people had a good time and the children loved all that we provided for them, so now we need to think about Christmas 2013…


3 thoughts on “Party Time!!!!

  1. Wonderful party with lovely food – excelling even your usual high standards! Thoroughly enjoyed the Pimms – must remember that one for next year!

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