Birthday Cakes.

On Saturday I celebrated my birthday (21 and a few months – if you’re asking).  I had a lovely day, my husband spoilt me suitably, lunch out, cinema (Life of Pi) finishing off with a Chinese takeaway in the evening.

My birthday was also marked by having not one, but two cakes.  Matthew decided he wanted to cook me a Lemon Meringue cake.  The recipe is a Nigella one and it certainly looks very impressive.  A sponge mix is made and divided between two sandwich tins and then a meringue made and put on top of the uncooked sponge.  The cake is then cooked in quite a hot oven.  To plate up you put one piece meringue side down and then put on your filling.  Matthew used some home made lemon curd and whipped cream.  The second piece is then placed cake side down on top of the filling, so you have a sort of meringue sandwich.  We probably ended up slightly overcooking it as it was difficult to judge if the sponge was cooked as the skewer had to go through the meringue.

meringue cake

Having said that it tasted delicious!

However I also wanted to cook a cake.  Unfortunately the wedding cake that I was being asked to make is no longer happening (a relative will be making it), but I really liked the idea that bride wanted and I wanted to try my new heart shaped silicone cake tin so I decided to make up another cake.  As we have a tradition at work of bringing in cake on your birthday I knew that it would get eaten!

The heart tin didn’t come with any instructions, so I filled an 8″ tin with water and then tipped this into the heart.  It seemed to be a similar quantity so I made up a lemon maderia cake suitable for an 8″ tin.  I also cooked it at a slightly lower temperature to accommodate the odd shape, I was very worried about the tip burning.   Again this was filled with home made lemon curd and then covered in a lemon butter icing.  I made up the pale yellow fondant icing and made a reasonable job of covering it.


It was well received at work yesterday and we even had some at a meeting last night.  Certainly tastes as good as it looks.

So now Christmas is packed away, my Birthday has been celebrated, so it is time to get on with the rest of 2013!


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