Nice Niece

Before Christmas I was busy making presents for people but unable to say much as I was aware that many were reading this blog.  So in the next few posts I will be sharing some of what I made, the first being some presents for my 3 month old niece who was the recipient of not one but two specially made for her presents.

Firstly I wanted to make a monogram out of buttons having seen several on my second favourite website (after this one of course!) Pinterest.  First I had to find a suitable E to use as a template and frame to put the completed letter in.  I eventually found a frame at IKEA which was deep enough to allow for the height of the buttons.  As for the buttons I opted to go for green as that is the colour her bedroom is painted – my brother and sister-in-law were being very evasive about the sex of their baby, even though they knew, and had teasingly painted the room green!

Then I set to work with the glue gun.  It is an interesting process, I had laid out the buttons but then when it came to glueing them down it all seemed to change.  However I was pleased with the result and I squeezed a tiny bit of pink in with a couple of tiny flowers on green ribbons.  The letter by itself seemed to lack something, but I overcame this by putting on a ribbon border – but this had to be carefully judged as the frame covered the edges of the card.


Once it was in the frame I thought it all looked rather good. (Note to self, must work on taking better pictures to illustrate)


In addition I made a padded heart on which I had embroidered her name.  She is Evelyn but known as Evie, so I decided to go for the full name.


As I understand it on Christmas day itself my niece did not play ball.  I spoke to my brother at around 9.30am to discover that Evie was still fast asleep!  I also got the impression that if she hadn’t woken up soon after our call she would have been woken.  Her parents were getting desperate to open her presents!   I hope she appreciates these when she gets a bit older.


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