Jar of Nothing

This is just a quick post to tell you about another Christmas present we made.  This time it was for my Mother and Father in Law.  I suspect like us you have people who never seem to know what they want for Christmas or Birthday.  My in-laws are quite good at this (but then again so am I!).  One birthday when MIL just didn’t know and kept telling us ‘I don’t know’, we decided to buy a ‘duuno’.  In this instance it was a fabric chicken doorstop – which it has to be said is in use.

This Christmas we were again getting the, ‘there’s nothing that we want/need’ message when I came across the Jar of Nothing on Craftbits website and just knew we had to make it for MIL and FIL.  Matthew printed off a label, as we didn’t have a suitable label to print it on a little internet research suggested painting some pva glue on a metal surface (we used the back of a baking tray), placing your paper on the glue and once it had absorbed some to then place it on the glass.  I have to admit it worked a treat and looked quite professional.  We also made a little bow to go on the top.

jar of nothing

Needless to say it provided a bit of a laugh on Christmas Day.



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