I’ve been experimenting with ‘Plarn’ – plastic yarn.

The idea is that you cut up old plastic bags into thin strips and then use the lengths as you would wool or yarn to make new things.  The ultimate in upcycling, bags that you no longer use, that  you probably got for free and if you are like us, seem to multiply when you’re not looking.  In cutting up the bags I went for a bit of colour co-ordination and initially went for white and green bags and produced these two small storage baskets.


I then had a go using white, blue and red bags and made this cute looking bag.  I do like the way that the colours make up random patterns.


There appear to be two different ways of making the yarn and the method I used then produces a single ply, which I think, the reason why these have turned out a little smaller than I anticipated.  I will have to have a go using the two ply method.  In the meantime I am going to try lining the bag and baskets and see if that makes a difference.  I think the bag will definitely need a lining – I can imagine some of the smaller items in a handbag making their way out through the holes otherwise!

On the whole I find it quite easy to use, if a little rustly, and it crochets up very quickly.


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