Eating Up Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas was  6 weeks ago now (though some would say it is only  46 weeks away!).  I’ve just eaten the last mince pie and thought I’d do a mini stock take of all the food that we still have to eat…

Food we bought/made:

1/2 christmas cake

tin of Celebrations chocolates

box of Cadbury’s biscuits

1/2 jar olives

1 portion turkey (frozen)

1 portion ham (frozen)

christmas cake

Food given to us:

2 nets of chocolate coins (though in all honesty these will probably be finished by tonight)

1 very large box of chocolates

1 standard box of chocolates

1 tin chocolate chip cookies

2 boxes National Trust biscuits

1 box of nougat

1 Dundee cake

So thank you to everyone for their lovely gifts, we are enjoying them (slowly) but, in this household at least, there is still some way to go before I can declare that Christmas is officially over!


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