A Litter of Puppies

Over the weekend I (with some help from the lovely Matthew) made a litter of puppies.  About three years ago we acquired Peter Puppy from a craft fair in Brecon, he is a rather handsome doorstop and soon found a home in front of our TV where he was much admired by our friends.


Being of the crafty mindset I thought, ‘I’m sure I can make one myself’.  So I trawled the internet and eventually found the pattern.  I then made one for my brother and sister in law for Christmas, in this neopolitan blue which is the accent colour of their lounge.  It was whilst making this puppy that I realised our puppy was smaller than the original pattern.  The only other obvious difference is that Peter has rounded ears whilst the pattern is for pointed ears.


So I reduced the pattern and set too with the crafting.  Firstly picking a selection of fabrics and cutting out all the pieces.  These fabrics are either left over from other projects or some that I bought in charity shops.  A pair of jeans also sneaked in as I am beginning to have a thing for reworking denim.


It was a rather damp weekend so there was plenty of opportunity to get working and by Saturday afternoon they were all sewn up and waiting to be stuffed.  And by the end of Saturday evening their faces and paws were stuffed but it was too damp and miserable for either Matthew or I to be bothered to get the sand from the garage.


Sunday afternoon found us bagging up sand and placing it in the puppies bodies before the rest of the stuffing was added.  Then there was a lot of sewing up by hand.  Here they are watching the England Ireland rugby match awaiting their eyes, noses and collars.


By the time Stephen Fry was hosting the BAFTA’s they were finished, each with their own collar.  They look so cute together it will be a shame to have to try and sell them.


So there is only one question left to ask – Which one is your favourite?


5 thoughts on “A Litter of Puppies

  1. Oh my goodness Sarah,you are so talented!!all the puppies are very cute like you say but if I had to choose,it would be an egg shell blue or red checked one!but even the cardigan you knitted for your niece is beautiful!!!now I don’t know if this meant to be a place where you place orders or mearly comment but you are so creative,it is quiet enviable!! Really looking forward to seeing you both soon.hope you are both good.lots of Love Nicky xxx

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