Applique – any advice.

For various reasons that I won’t go into at the minute I am attempting to applique Truro Cathedral, but am running into a few problems.

Fortunately the people at the Cathedral have produced a child-friendly cartoon style picture of the building which I am using as my template (less windows and a lot simpler than pictures of the real thing), and I thought I’d try the style of applique that uses lines of machine stitching to pick out the shape.

truro cathedral postcard

My initial plan to trace the image onto fabric failed as the fabric did not want to pick up the trace.  So I placed a traced image on top of the fabric and began to sew.  But soon ran into problems.  Initially I was using the darning foot as suggested by some on the internet, but my darning foot does not rest on the fabric it hovers above it, so I ended up using my usual foot.

Then I realised the stitching did not want to define the corners and the points and pulled into more of a curve.

But on the back the image was as I wanted.  So I reverse traced the image and put it on the back of the fabrics.  This then produced the ‘sharp’ image on the front.

I am quite pleased with it, but have learnt not to cut the fabric shape first – as I misjudged slightly and there is some stitching off the bottom – I’ve decided not to worry about it for this, I will also trim the fabric to be more uniform around the edge.


1) Is there a way of doing this so that I am actually sewing on the right side and get the sharp image?

2) The fabric has puckered a bit, some of my research has suggested using a stabilizer as a base to prevent this.  However this would mean picking out bits of paper from both the top and the back of the design.  (Maybe on designs like this I will have to just grin and bear it.)  Does anyone have any tips?

3) What is this style of applique actually called?

If anyone has any tips I would be grateful.  In the meantime I shall continue to learn as I go and work on some more figures

for this picture and hope to show you the finished effort before too long.


3 thoughts on “Applique – any advice.

  1. Been thinking about this and for the stitching problem maybe adjusting the tension on the upper and lower thread feeds would help.
    What size will the finished piece be? If it is a piece perhaps you could use a different stitch to make the lines.
    Have no idea about the name!!

  2. Is it possible do put interlining between the two pieces of fabric to help stabilize it? i used the iron on stuff for my A level piece, even a lightweight one should help.

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