Mothering Sunday

A bit late but…

As my mother died when I was 20 I always find Mothering Sunday a little bit difficult.  In the past I have usually spent the day by myself and used the time to reflect back.  I acknowledge that at times things could get a bit tense between us and one of my regrets is that at the end of the summer before she died I thought I’d worked it out – I had realised that if I spent too long at home (during University holidays etc) our relationship would begin to deteriorate.  I think she had worked it out too as one of the last things I remember her telling me was how much she had enjoyed having me around that summer, a summer in which I had helped/ been away on various youth camps and so the longest time I had been at home was about two weeks.  Little were we to know that only a couple of weeks later she would be gone.

Attending church, as I do, Mothering Sunday is celebrated with great enthusiasm as part of the church year.  So I rarely go to church on that day.  I do have to laugh as I suppose the perspective varies but I generally come away thinking that there was far too much emphasis on Mothers and yet others will come away from the same service saying that there wasn’t much done to celebrate motherhood.

Being married we do treat my Mother-in-Law on Mothering Sunday. This year my parents-in-law came around for a meal at ours.  The day before I made some cup cakes using a recipe from a book that they had bought me for my birthday – the Primrose Bakery cupcake book.  As I opened the present it was pointed out that there was a recipe for Earl Grey cupcakes (I love earl grey tea, but my parent- in-law are less sure).  Therefore there was only one cupcake that I could bake.

Cupcakes bookprimrose_bakery_earl_grey_cupcakes

As the picture above shows, the suggestion was to use a violet icing, but when I tried mixing the blue and red food colouring it just produced a rather horrible looking brown.  So I thought I’d go for pink, except that it came out peach (!?), the red food colouring that I have is a bit odd, it’s Dr Oetker natural red and is quite thick in comparison to other food colourings so I don’t know if that had something to do with it.

As M and I had youth group that night we ended up handing the cup cakes over for them to take home, so this pic is of them in the tin, you can see the lovely peach coloured icing!  They reported back that they were very tasty, so it can’t have been all bad!

Earl Grey Cupcakes

In the meantime Matthew decided to make a card for his mum and followed something he saw on Pinterest.  It was a bit interesting trying to get the paint to fully dry and for the sticks not to stick together, but he was very pleased  with the finished result.

As to current work in progress:-

I’ve just about finished the applique project, I did manage to get the tension problem sorted.  Once it has been delivered I will post about it.

In relation to bread making, I have recently ventured into sourdough bread.  I’ve created a starter and now made two loaves, one had too much air and the second not enough.  So very much a work in progress.

I’ve also been working on setting up paypal on this site to enable me to take orders for some of the sewing crafts and I hope to have this up and running very shortly.


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