The Blind Leading the Blind

When I move into a new house I immediately set up a little ‘to do’ list and inevitably find myself finally working through the same list by the time I come to sell the property.  But then again, as my family and friends will testify, this is the 5th house that I have bought and along the way I have rented several others so my average length of stay in a house isn’t that long.

When Matthew and I moved in here we did enthusiastically redecorated a number of the rooms over the first summer.  It then took us another year to tackle the kitchen and now we are working through some of the other ‘jobs’.  Quite early on in our ownership we bought some roller blinds to go in the bathroom and downstairs toilet.  It took us over 18 months to put up the one in the downstairs toilet, mainly as there was a little debate about whether to hang the blind inside the window recess or on the outside.  It is inside the recess.  Although we started to do the bathroom one at the same time, it took longer to complete as we couldn’t find the tile drill bit.  This eventually went up just before Easter.

However we weren’t very happy with the outcome.  So I decided to make some Roman Blinds.  I’d already changed a curtain into a Roman Blind in the kitchen and was very pleased with the result.

Kitchen Roman Blind

A trawl through the charity shops found me some fabric for the toilet, a bargain at £1.50, but I had to buy some material for the bathroom, going for a plain blue as there was already quite a bit of pattern in the nautical themed room.  I also bought a blind kit working out that it was cheaper and there would be less waste to buy the larger size and cut it into two, than to buy two smaller ones.

Last Monday I started work and had attached the lining and the fabric together for both blinds and pinned on the tape for the rods.  I then sewed the tape onto the smaller blind and began to insert the rods.  However that was when I began to have a few problems.  The tape frays very easily and it was an incredibly tight fit for the rod.  I gave up for the night!

A few days later my husband had a go and got one rod in so I ‘womaned’ up to the task and got the second one in.  So that was one blind complete.  I finished sewing the other blind and then spent an incredible amount of time inserting the three rods into it.  It was a very slow process, mm’s at a time.  I even gave myself two blisters in the process!

A bit of stringing and the help of my husband later, we now have two blinds up and they look pretty good.  Especially for the £1.50 bargain material one!

Roman Blind toilet

Roman Blind close up

The roller blinds are still up and we pull them down at night, but if we wanted to we could lower the Roman Blinds.

Roman Blind -Bathroom Roman Blind with Roller Blind

We even found a use for our Beach Hut blind/ light cord end thing (what are they called?)

blind pull

So I suppose my questions are:

Has anyone else struggled to put rods into the tape? or

Where can I get thinner rods?


5 thoughts on “The Blind Leading the Blind

  1. I LOVE the blue in your bathroom! It looks so very nice, but I do enjoy the nautical theme. 🙂 The red gingham is lovely in your kitchen also, it has very clean lines and keeps the kitchen looking very nice. Thank you for your ideas and your pictures. They have been a great inspiration to me.

  2. I used some spare lining material to make the channels and wooden dowelling so it was all cut to fit. I reused the kit from the previous Austrian blind i think, but its a while ago!

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