House of Cards

Receiving a friend’s change of address card through the post prompted me to work on a New Home card using the machine applique technique.

All I can say is that houses are SO much easier than Cathedrals!

House Cards

I made two and sewed directly on to the card, so didn’t have any of the problems that I had been experiencing before with tension.  It was still a bit of a learning process.  I loved the red house and the fabrics, but decided to use red thread, but it doesn’t stand out enough to give enough definition.  The wording was also interesting and I had to abandon sewing directly onto the card as the tight turns were causing tears.  But then had to use a backing paper to provide the tension.

Red New Home Card Red New Home Card, close up

So when I moved onto the blue house I decided to edge in black and it does provide more definition.  It still took longer to stitch the words than it did to stitch the house but I hope it will improve.  You might also notice that some of my favourite fabric – denim, has made it into the card!

Blue New Home CardBlue New Home Card close up

Overall I am very pleased with them both and one has gone in the post to our friends.  Now I need to think of other ‘occasions’ and some simple designs that I can applique onto cards.  Any ideas?

ps did you spot Paul in the background of the first photo?  He is still going strong and I’ve almost got the hang of sourdough bread!


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