Cornish Day Out

I do live in a very beautiful corner of the UK but since moving to Cornwall in 2008 we have experienced a run of miserable summers, culminating in the mother of all wet and cold summers that I have ever known.  In addition to which this past winter has been rather cold and dark too.  (I seem to be living up to the British stereotype of always talking about the weather at the moment – sorry)

Last Saturday we woke to a day of glorious sunshine so Matthew and I decided to make the most of it and head West.  My brother did point out that there is not too much west of us to go to before you hit the sea, but west we headed.  Our plans to visit a National Trust property or two were foiled as we discovered that they are all closed on a Saturday.  But undetered we headed to Land’s End.

Normally I avoid Land’s End, it is a bit of a tourist trap and although most of the attractions (the last shop, the last pub etc) are all free you do have to pay a ridiculous amount for the car park.  On discovering that the parking is now £5 so turned around, but not before experiencing the surrealness of the A30 – a major road, ending in a car park.  We then went to Sennen Cove where the parking is a far more reasonable £1.70 for two hours and walked up to the old Coastguard Watch from where I took this picture of the cove.

Sennen Cove

It was lovely and peaceful, warm in the sun and blue sea and sky.  You could almost think it summer.  We could see over to Land’s End, one day I’ll walk there from Sennen.

When we got back to the harbour we stopped for an ice-cream, which is where we met this fella.  I think he was a little disappointed that we were obeying the ‘please do not feed  the seagulls’ sign!


Then we carried on with our journey taking the coastal route to St Ives. This really is a stunning road, the coast on one side and rugged moorland on the other.  Fortunately Matthew was driving so I was able to admire the views without the danger of crashing the car.

We stopped off for a cup of tea before heading home.  It was a truly lovely day.

Now it looks as if it will be another sunny weekend this weekend, what are your plans?


3 thoughts on “Cornish Day Out

  1. I love Cornwall, and it is one of my favorite holiday destinations (we live in Kent).
    Land’s End was a bit of a dissapointment for me to to be honest, very very touristy.
    If I have to choose my best places in Cornwall would have to be Tintagel Castle, and the town of Boscastle 🙂

    • Haven’t been to Tintagel castle yet, I should put it on my to do list. But have been to Boscastle several times (mainly for work) and walked some of the coastal path.
      Have to agree about Land’s End, far too touristy. If you are that far west I think Lizard Point is nicer.
      Don’t know Kent that well but I did use to live in Essex (geographically near, just a large river estuary and toll bridge in between!).

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