Vintage Cool!

Our 7 month old niece is coming to visit this weekend.  She is bringing her parents too.  But I was asked to see if we could find a high chair for her use whilst she is staying as this might be one thing too many for their car.

So this beauty c1973 has been retrieved from my in-law’s loft and is currently sitting in our hallway awaiting construction.  We have that joy tomorrow, but it all appears to be present and correct if slightly faded.  It is hard to imagine that my 6ft 4inch tall husband ever fitted into it, but he must of done and I am sure that there is evidence in a photo somewhere.

vintage high chair

vintage high chair

At the same time my in-laws passed on a box of Matthew’s school books which have provided a source of amusement.  I have been very tempted to take some pictures of his actual work, but as a loving and kind wife (so he tells me), I have to date resisted and you will have to make do with these pictures instead.

school books

school books close up

It would appear that his teachers didn’t like him too much as there aren’t too many kisses (x) on his work!!

Having come from his parents’ attic these will probably now disappear into our attic and be occasionally looked at over the years.  My books seem to have been thrown out when my father sold our house after we had all left home, so I have no record to look back on.  Which in some ways is good, less clutter, but also a shame, no history.

So are you are hoarder or a chucker outer?  And if you are a hoarder what is the weirdest thing that you have kept hold of?


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