The Cat Sat on the Mat

Although I finished these cats while ago, it has taken me a while to find time to put finger to keyboard to talk about them!
They originate from the same pattern as the puppy doorstops but my original focus was the puppies. I felt it was time to give the cats a go and here are the finished items.

blue cat facered cat face

Unlike the puppies the cats are made up of three different parts, the head, the body & the paws that are glued together. Although I did as instructed I felt that the parts might need a bit more securing, so ended up sewing the parts together as well as glueing them. I also think that perhaps I have overstuffed the heads slightly which means they stick up a lot rather than sitting more on the body.

red cat rear

I also wasn’t quite sure about the collars. The pattern suggested a bow, but I thought I’d do ribbon collars as with the puppies, but they do make the cats look as if they are choking. Then again we had a long haired cat when I was a child and people alway thought that his collar was too tight when it was not. The cat took matters into his own paws and kept losing collars until we gave up putting them on him!

red cat side

Blue Cat side view

All in all I am quite pleased with them, but personally I think I prefer the puppies – which do you prefer?

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