Tea – a drink with bread and jam

It was MIL’s birthday yesterday, so for something a little different we took her for afternoon tea – for half price!  Having been a bit thrifty over the last few months I’ve been collecting points on Anchor butter in order to claim rewards. Initally it was my intention to try and get some kitchen equipment but by the time I had enough points the items I wanted had ‘sold out’.anchorrewards_zps720e52c6

However I was able to cash some in on the 2 for 1 afternoon tea offer.  We went to the Commerant Hotel on the banks of the River Fowey.  At the moment we are experiencing some sunny weather (which in itself  is a bit of a shock to the system) and as we arrived the tide was just beginning to turn so the river was in, it all looked rather beautiful.high tea

We ended up inside with a fantastic view over the river and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours munching our way through our tea watching the tide go out and the sun lighting up the bank opposite.  A fantastic way to celebrate – Happy Birthday Marcia!

There was however some discussion about how the scones were presented.  Should the tops have been on or should they also have been jammed and creamed?  There was some relief that at least the jam was ontop of the cream!  The order of jam and cream on a scone provokes great debate here in Cornwall (jam then cream) and Devon (cream then jam) – where do you stand on the debate?

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