Hello Again

Well it’s been a while – have you missed me?

Last year my husband and I committed to something that will be potentially life-changing but that became very time consuming.  It will, hopefully, be come more time consuming again but for now life is relatively quiet again.  Sorry to be quite so cryptic but all will be revealed in time.

I have managed to keep up with the sewing and baking and have a whole load of stuff to share, it was just finding time to sit and write that was the problem…

So with so much to tell you about – where do I begin?

I had left you half way through a teaser, in that I was making fancy dress outfits for a wedding party.  Which to briefly recap was that our friends had decided that the evening of their wedding was to be fancy dress with anything beginning with S or C (their initials).  I had had a great idea and was beginning to work on it.

Living in Cornwall the obvious combination of S and C is of course Strawberries and Cream but how to make the costumes?!?!  I took to my friend the interweb and got some inspiration from here and made this.

strawberry and cream

The Strawberry was made from a length of red fabric folded in half and a head hole cut out.  I then shaped the shoulders but sewed the excess fabric inside which I then padded with stuffing so that it created a wider top for the strawberry.  The pips were made from felt and sewed on and the cap was made from some spare green fabric that I had.  There were some suggestions that I could have made a nice little hat with a stalk on but this strawberry was very resistant to the idea!  Some have also suggested that it is in fact a Fred Flintstone costume but Fred is orange and black and has a blue neck tie.

Being Cornwall it was not enough to be just a pot of cream, the only cream it could really be is Rodda’s.  So I enlarged the Rodda’s logo and traced it onto the calico before painting it in with fabric paint.  The costume is essentially a length of fabric sewn together.  The top was folded down and a hula hoop inserted into it.  The blue lid was made by cutting a piece of cardboard just slightly larger than the hoop and covering it in blue duct tape.  The hoop then sits on top of the cardboard.  At this point I thought I was going to have to permanently attach the two bits together but discovered that there was no need the two sat together nicely.


Well the costumes were a hit and we have since discovered that amongst that group of people we are now know as Strawberries and Cream!  There were some other creative costumes including Scott and Charlene (Neighbours) but the one that made me chuckle the most was the guy who came as a pair of curtains.  He had screwed a wooden curtain pole to a hard hat and then hung the curtains from the pole.  Brilliant.

As a sort of postscript to this, I entered a valentine’s Facebook competition with Rodda’s to win some personalised clotted cream.  All we had to do was send in a picture of us as a couple, so there was only one picture that I could send and not surprisingly we were one of the winning couples!

clotted cream


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