Mothering Sunday

As yesterday was Mothering Sunday – to use the church liturgical name for the day, Matthew and I made some plans for treating his mother.  Here in the UK Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent and therefore varies according to the date of Easter.

Lunch was booked at the hotel where Matthew and I had our wedding reception, over the last few years we have been there several times mainly for special occasions and there is always plenty of food!

I also wanted to think creatively around the traditional gifts that shops seem to think all mothers would like, usually chocolates, flowers, a cuddly teddy bear, mug saying Best Mum etc and all seem to come in pink.  I’m trying to avoid going into a rant here but it does seem that, compared to my childhood, there is far more retail pressure around the day.

Having admired the creative use of cupcakes that I see on Pinterest I decided that I’d give a cupcake bouquet a try!  Conveniently, just after I had decided this, Hobbycraft thoughtfully sent out an email that included some instructions on how to make one.  So I gathered my supplies making last minute swaps for the recommended dry foam ball (as I couldn’t find one), a block of Oasis for dried flowers which I moulded into shape with a knife was used instead.  I chose a mini purple bucket as my vessel, not only is it cute with a wide stable base but I was also confident that an alternative use could be found for it afterwards.

Mothers Day Cup Cakes

The resultant bouquet was slightly smaller than that of my guide and required 15 cupcakes to complete.  This being the first time that I attempted this I was also unsure how far the butter icing would stretch.  I decided on three colours, white, light pink and dark pink, starting with the plain butter icing and then adding food colouring to create the light pink and more to create the dark pink.  By the time I finished I realised I could have been more generous with the icing at the start, but by then it was too late as the remaining icing was the dark pink.  Being more generous would also have enabled me to cover over the white cupcake cases but the lesson has been learnt should there be a next time!

Mothers Day Cup Cakes 3


Just before leaving to go to my in-laws we assembled the cakes.  Squares of green tissue paper were wrapped around each cupcake before it was put onto the Oasis to provide leaves (and fill in the gaps!).  Then the whole bouquet was wrapped in cellophane and tied with some raffia.

Mothers Day Cup Cakes 2



The finished product is quite top heavy so I had to hold it very carefully on my lap as we drove over to my in-laws, if we had had to travel some distance I think I would have assembled it there.

I didn’t take any before or during pics but the final result was worth it and my Mother-in-Law seemed very pleased with it, even taking photos before we were allowed to take it apart.

If you want an explanation as to why the UK celebrates Mothering Sunday in Lent here it is. Link


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