Giraffe Baby Jacket

When my brother and sister-in-law announced that they were expecting, we were naturally very excited for them.  But one annoying thing was that they were not telling us the sex of the baby, even though they knew.  In an effort to get it out of them I said that I needed to know what colour to make the matinee jacket, however even this failed.

My SIL loves Giraffes so I had this mad idea of making a jacket in a giraffe print orange & brown and began an internet search to see if such a thing were available.  It wasn’t but I stumbled upon this site and this jacket I obviously wasn’t the first to like this particular jacket however the pattern was now long out of print.  However I was not to be beaten and trawled my local knitting shop and on-line looking for a hooded jacket pattern that I could adapt.  It was a lot harder than you might think.

Eventually I did find a pattern and being such a small size it knitted up a dream.  It took a lot longer to sew it together and to do the blanket stitch edging and that was before I had to tackle the giraffe head patch on the back.  This took 3 attempts but I think I got there.  I even managed to track down some giraffe buttons on the internet.

All the while I was telling my brother and SIL that this was a wonderful jacket, I listed the colours in it, blues, orange, black, pink, cream.  I talked about embellishments and generally made them think that this was going to be the worst ever baby jacket.  I sent it to them about a month before the birth and it was well received!

Last week my neice arrived.  Whilst on the phone I suggested that perhaps the jacket really was the wrong colour for a little girl and maybe I should take it back and make something else for her and pass the jacket onto a little boy.  I was told that that was not going to happen!  So I think they like it.

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