Jeans for Genes Day

As mentioned in the blog, I decided to set myself a challenge when at work we decided to enter into the Jeans for Genes day.  I wanted to see exactly what could be made out of a pair of old jeans.  I had been inspired by various items that I’d seen on the internet and had already been considering what I could make with my husband’s jeans when he no longer wanted them.

First of I had seen this fantastic flower corsage and decided to have a go at that, in the end I made 6 of these.  I was able to use beads that I had already squirreled away and only had to purchase a few more badge backs.

Then I saw these amazing Christmas Tree decorations.  For this I was able to use up some beaded ribbon that I had bought cheap in the post Christmas sales many years ago.  It was meant to be a gift wrap but for some reason it never quite worked and the one time I did use it on a present for my sister, she gave it straight back to me so I could use it again!  However I think it really worked on these as tinsel on the tree.

Following on the Christmas decoration theme I saw these stars and decided to make some, but to make them a bit more Christmassy I used red thread and ribbon and sewed on a jingle bell.

I love making padded notice boards (we already have two in our house) and had seen this one made using a pair of old jeans.  As I wanted the pockets for other things I decided to just make it plain.  It is also a bit smaller than the boards I usually make as I was restricted by the amount of fabric around the thigh part of the leg.

To use up the pockets I decided to make these little bags.  But instead of making one out of two pockets made two seperate bags instead.  The buttons on them are some I made when experimenting with oven bake clay a while back.  Again I decided to pick up on the red as I feel it is a colour that works well with denim.

The journal was another steal and I particularly liked the way it used up some of the waistband to make the button fastening.  I ended up putting the small pocket often found inside one of the front pockets on the front (what are those pockets meant for?)

In order to use up some of the seams and hems I came across these novel drinks coasters and managed to make three. I backed them with felt to hide where most of the cutting had been done.  I think they looked quite effective, but maybe it was a scrimp too far.

I also made four cards out of some of the scraps.  These are two designs that I have made up before and have proved quite popular when selling stuff.  Though I usually use different fabrics for the different parts, this time I tried to show how the jeans had worn and faded differently.

This was quite an interesting project as naturally I would have wanted to make more ‘bigger’ stuff such as cushion covers or even a rug, but I had to remember that this was to raise money and the smaller cheaper items were more likely to be sold rather than the bigger items, hence the proliferation of Christmas decorations (not sure what I would have done if this day had been in March instead of October!).  However I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the bigger items also proved popular and most went on the day.  I now have about 10 Christmas decorations to take to our church Christmas Fayre in November.

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4 thoughts on “Jeans for Genes Day

  1. You are really imaginative when it comes to designing and using ALL parts of the jeans! I simply LOVE all of your ideas! Thank you for sharing them, You have some very nice crafts and tutorials here. I am now following your blog. Thank you again for your terrific ideas!

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoyed this project and now like to include upcycled denim elsewhere.
      I’ve recently been given a commission to transform someone’s favourite jeans into things for her home, so am planning more items, I’ll keep you posted!

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