Kitchen Chairs

Our current house has a lovely large kitchen/diner which means that we can put our large table in centre place and still squeeze a sofa in the corner!  (I must also add that since this photograph was taken we have changed the floor and repainted the walls and purchased a new range style cooker…)

This gave an opportunity for us to put more chairs around the table.  There were already four pine chairs and we had four kitchen chairs that had been my in-laws when they first set up house in the 1960’s.  I think they had been passed onto my husband when he first set up home.

So it was time to get to work…

We found some lovely fabric in Truro that we wished to use for the seat covers and I purchased some seating foam.  The old covers were slightly difficult to remove.  A couple of the seats had a fabric cover that was easy to remove but underneath all the chairs had a horrid plastic/ pvc cover that had been stapled on.  This was rather difficult to remove and I have to confess that in the end I gave up taking out all the staples as they were well and truly imbedded.  (I just hoped that no one would see!)  The foam more or less disintegrated in my hands it was that old.  This left us with the board that was the base of the seat.

After cutting the foam to size it was then a matter of stapling the fabric to the board and trimming the edges.  There was some discussion about whether or not to repaint the chairs, the current varnish was coming off.  In the end, after a good clean, we left the frames as they were.  I think the slightly distressed look works well and the colours co-ordinate with the pine chairs & table and the fabric.

Initially we only recovered two chairs so here is a before and after photo.  Since then all four chairs have been recovered, two sit around the table and the other two have found homes elsewhere in our house, ready to be brought out when we are entertaining.  For one meal we even got ten people around the table, a bit squashed but great fun!


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